It’s hard to realize that our love has gone away

I tried everything within my power to get you to stay

You promise me that we would be together forever no matter what

But I see that was your way of getting me to keep my mouth shut

We agreed to work on our relationship to make it loveable and strong

Now I have to accept the fact that will never happen and I was dead wrong

You said that you wanted our love to last

But you could never let go of your other from your past

Love is a four letter word that means the world to me

You said you felt the same way too but you wanted to be free

I am a hopeless romantic who wears his feels on his sleeves

You took advantage of that and don’t care if my heart bleedes

I know that I am not a perfect man by any mean

But you made sure to give people the impression that you were the perfect queen

You wanted to have your cake and eat it too

I felt like a second fiddle and that I could no longer do

You took my love you took my heart and I felt like I wanted to die

That’s when I knew it was time to say good-bye

Final Thought: When you put your all into a relationship and come up with the short end of the stick, that’s enough to make you feel like s***. Just cry and tell them to kiss your a** and say good-bye. Thanks for reading…

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Love Always

When I first saw you I knew right then and there that dreams do come true

You helped me realize that love is possible when I didn’t have a clue

Because day in and day out I didn’t know what love was all about

Being in and out of certain relationships gave me serious doubt

You are the one that I am always thinking of

You have given every reason to live and love

I put my trust I put my love and I put my heart in your hand

Because I know deep down you can make me a stronger man

When it feels like I am in a deep dark hole

You seem to love me in a way that re-energizes my soul

You have a very special kind of love

Sent from the heavens above

I give God all of the glory and praise

Because he has sent you to me to LOVE ALWAYS…

Final Thought: Being in love and loving that special someone is just one of the things that makes life worth living. If anyone has been blessed with that special someone, make sure to not only tell them that you love them, make sure that you show them and remember to love them always. Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me…(M.Bowlding/copyright/4-17-15)

Hand In Hand

Let’s walk hand in hand

Together in this world like no others can

You with me and me with you

Let’s both make our gray skies blue

We should show everyone our special kind of love

A love that God has blessed us from above

I know we can teach the people

That they can have a strong love like ours that is very believable

We can spread our love all over this great land

By working together and being together forever and ever hand in hand

Final Thought: If two people can work together on being together, there’s no tell how far they can go while in a loving relationship. It only takes one to ruin a relationship, but it takes two to make sure that the relationship stays strong and true. Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me…(M.Bowlding/copyright/4-10-15)

A True Love Like Yours

A true love like yours can open a heart that was locked behind a closed door

A true love like yours can’t be ignored

A true love like yours is worth fighting for

A true love like yours would stop any war

A true love like yours is always near and never far

A true love like yours shines ever so bright like the north star

A true love like yours should get a lot of praise

A true love like yours would make a man stop his dogging ways

A true love like yours is something I adore

A true love like yours makes me want you more and more

A true love like yours brings out the glow from your lovely face

A true love like yours makes this world a beautiful place

A true love like yours could be a wonderful thing

A true love like yours would make the angels sing

That’s right I am making a lot of noise

Because I would be proud to have A TRUE LOVE LIKE YOURS..

Final Thought: I believe that everyone wants to find that person who will be their true love. I think instead of looking for true love, some should live their lives and let true love find them. Love can make you, love can break you, but love will never forsaken you. Somewhere on this earth true love exist, will you look for it or will you let it find you? That’s what I ask myself almost everyday. Thanks for reading…

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My Heart

When my heart beats what does it say

Won’t someone please bring love my way

When my heart is lonely what does it mean

This feeling is not fit for any human being

When my heart beats why does it hurt

The thought of someone I loved stomping it in the dirt

When my heart cries what should I do

Tell it to continue to grow and stay true

When my heart thinks of you why does it cry

It remembers the day you took your love away and said good-bye

When my heart sees you why does it drop

It realizes there’s no love between us so now it has stop

Final Thoughts: My heart has seen a lot and my heart has done a lot. My heart has been warm and my heart has been cold. My heart has overflowed with love and my heart has been empty because of love. My heart has been broken and my heart has been fixed. My has experienced heartache and my heart has caused heartache. I am not perfect by any means, but I still have a heart. Thanks for reading…

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A Place In My Mind

There’s a place in my mind

And it’s really not that hard to find

It’s a place that never gets cold

It’s a place where true love overflows

It’s a place that no one can see

It’s a place that means so much to me

It’s a place where I feel so free

It’s a place where I need to be

It’s a place where we can love and care

It’s a place where we can share

So come with me my love to this place that is one of a kind

To a special place in my mind

Final Thought: There are times when we all need to escape reality and go to that “special place” in our minds. Some may call it “daydreaming” but I like to refer to it as a way of relaxing and taking a mental journey. Life can bring all sorts of stuff our way; whether its good or bad; whether it makes us happy or sad. I believe that we all need to go to a special place in our minds every now and then. The stress of being in a relationship or trying to recover from a broken heart, can make one want to go to a special place in their mind. For example, if you’re in a stressful relationship and you need to release some anger, would you want to (1) get physical with the other person and get in all kinds of trouble, (2) punch a hole in the wall get hurt and have to dish out money for repairs and doctor visits, or (3) go to that special place in your mind and relax. Hell I am picking #3 because there’s no need to get physical and I will be damn if I am going to mess up my home and do harm to myself because someone else wants to argue and get of my nerves. I would pick #3 again to recover from a broken heart. No need to stress and stop living life. So find that special place in your mind, go to it and relax. You may feel better and have a better outlook on things, once you return to reality. Thanks for reading..

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A Plan Gone A Stray

Here’s the plan

You’ll be my girl and I’ll be your man

Me loving you and you loving me

Just imagine how perfect our life would be

Making you happy would be one of my goals in life

Just think our love could cut the feeling of hate in two like a sharp knife

But then some plans do fall apart

Now it seems that I am alone in the dark

Without you I may as well have no fame or wealth

So now I look in the mirror and cry to myself

My plan was for us to be togethger

But you made damn sure that it wouldn’t be forever

There’s really nothing more that I can say

It’s just another example of a plan gone a stray

Final Thought: Its been said that you should always plan ahead for certain things like trips, parties, reunions, etc. My question is, does the same apply to a relationship? I thought it did concerning a relationship that I was in with who I thought was a great woman. It became clear that she had another plan of her own. My plan was for us to be together forever in a strong and loving relationship. Her plan was for us to be together also, but she wanted to have her cake and eat it too. Just goes to show that you can make a plan in the present, but you damn sure can’t predict the future. Thanks for reading…

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