My Dad + My Pops= Me

My dad is real cool in my eyes because he can be like my big brother and my best friend all rolled into one person. He is someone who I can talk to about anything and not be judged for my mistakes. Yet when I am wrong, he is someone who will let me know that I am wrong and he will definitely put me in my place at the same time. We can hangout talk and have a few “cold ones” or our favorite drink Remy Martin VSOP. He is someone who I really look up to and I want to make him proud of me. I always wanted to be a dad just like him, but only better. Now I am not saying he is/was a bad dad, I always wanted to be like him, yet be my own man and teach my kids to be a better dad than me. My dad is the best dad and I love him and I want to thank him for always being apart of my life.

Now my pops is somewhat different than my dad. He is real cool, but he is so laid back that it seems as if nothing bothers him at all. He reminds me a lot like James Bond (007), but cooler. I can talk to him also, but his answers seem to come out in a smooth but stern tone like Barry White (RIP). He makes me think about my mistakes and how I can better myself as a dad and as a man also. My pops is funny as hell too and he can make you laugh and feel better at the same damn time regardless of the situation. This man has been there for me in my time of needs and I love him for anything and everything that he has done for me.

With these two dudes on my side, how can I loose?? Some people can’t say that they have two fathers, let alone one father. Well I am proud to say that I have two fathers and I will do everything within my power and make them both proud of me. Love you guys and thanks for everything.

Final Thought: My mom use to tell me when I was younger that my dad is my father (her ex-husband) and my pops (her husband) was my father too. Now back then I was confused, but as I got older I understood what she meant by that. I had the advantage of having two adult men to learn from and I should respect then both no matter what.  I wanted to post this on father’s day, but a lot has been going on (yeah I know I am bit late for father’s day right?). I just wanted to acknowledge these two gentleman and thank them from the bottom of my heart for everything that they have done for me. There was a time when I would complain to my dad about my pops when I was a kid. My dad told me that I better respect my pops or he (my dad) would beat my behind. Okay I tried to flip the script and complain to my pops about my dad. My pops told me that if I didn’t give my dad the respect that he deserves, he (my pops) would beat my behind. Damn that, that’s too many ass whippings for one kid to endure. Don’t you agree?? Thanks for reading…

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My Mother The Super Hero

To me my mother is a real super hero with special powers that are out of this world. She is stronger than anyone that I know on this planet and she displays her strength all the time. Her strength comes from within and she has the power to be strong when no one else can. My mom has great healing power also. When I was sick, she stuck right by my side and nursed me back to good health. She has x-ray vision and she can see into the root of whatever problems that I have. My mother has psychic powers too. I know for sure because she can read my mind and tell me what I am thinking about. My mom has something I like to call “the power of strong suggestion”. She will always say “I am not telling you what to do, but I strongly suggest you do this” and I wind up following her suggestion 95 % of the time. Now her weakness is simple, she gets tired like anyone else because she is only human. My mother may not be able to save the whole world, she may not be faster than a speeding bullet, but in my eyes and in my heart she will always be my super hero. Now that is a real mother for you.

Thank you mom for carrying me in your belly for the months before I was born.

Thank you mom for being in labor for all of those hours.

Thank you mom for giving birth to me.

Thank you mom for taking care of me while I was a child.

Thank you mom for teaching me what’s right from wrong.

Thank you mom for loving me all of these years.

Thank you mom for not giving up on me.

Thank you mom for your courage.

Thank you mom for all of your love and support.

Basically I want to say thank you mom for everything and I love you with all of my heart.


Final Thought: I would like to say happy mother’s day to all of the mothers around the world. I wish you joy and happiness. Enjoy your day ladies, you all deserve it. Thanks for reading…

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The Finger

To the one’s that made fun of me when I was hurting emotionally this is for all of you

To the one’s that wanted me for one thing this is for all of you

To the one’s that cheated on me this is for all of you

To the one’s that lied to me this is for all of you

To the one’s who wanted to have their cake and eat it too this is for all of you

To the one’s that stole from me this is for all of you

To the one’s who didn’t appreciate me this is for all of you

To the one’s that weren’t there to support me in my time of need this is for all of you

To the one’s that left me when I was at a low point in my life this is for all of you

To the one’s who talked down on me just so that they could save face with others this is for all of you

To the one’s that didn’t know the true meaning of love this is for all of you

To the one’s that displayed false love towards me this is for all of you

To the one’s that hurt me real bad this is for all of you

To the one’s who made me shed so many tears this is for all of you

To the one’s that broke my heart in two this is for all of you





Final Thought: There are times when one can get so angry towards certain people who hurt them in life, that they need to give them the (middle) finger. It’s not being immature or disrespectful to display, sometimes it’s better to show it than say it. Now I am still a loveable person, I am still kind, I am still a gentleman, and I am still a hopeless romantic. But I am human and some have ticked me off in the past, yet life still goes on. I am not perfect by any means and I know that. Yet it feels damn good to get that off of my chest and let my finger do the talking. Thanks for reading…

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The Last Laugh

Even though our relationship is no more, I still had a ton of respect for you. Let’s face it, things didn’t work out between us and life goes on regardless. As fate would have it, we happened to be in the same place at the same time. I spoke to you and you spoke to me and I thought that would be it. You wanted to have a conversation with me so I said okay no problem. You stated that you were thinking about me a lot and that you missed me like crazy. You were being a bit flirtatious and you seemed to be saying all the right things. I was really enjoying your company and our conversation was going great, that is until you saw some of yours friends and your “new friend” showed up. Now this where you flipped the script and started to act like a totally different person. We had some war of words and you tried your hardest to over talk me, hell some folks said that you won and I didn’t know what to say. You had a crowd and they got they laugh thing on. You made fun of me and said somethings that hit right below the belt. I just stood there and let you continue to say things and I took it all in. Well I guess you feel real good about yourself huh?  When it got quiet, I had an epiphany and all of the sudden I began to laugh my ass off. I knew that when the smoke cleared, I am going to be on top of things and you are just giving me fuel to better myself. I know for a fact that I am better than all of those things that you said about me. I know for a fact that I was good to you and I showed you how a man can truly love a woman. I know for a fact that there is a female out there who will appreciate a man like me. I know for a fact that you don’t represent all females in the world.  I am going to make sure that the next female that I date, will be ten times better than you. Believe me it won’t be funny when the joke is on you. Look at you standing there looking like a hungry ass turtle. HA HA HA B****

Final Thought: After all was said and done, I started to ask myself if this person was trying to set me up for a huge let down. I came to the conclusion that she was acting like that and saying all of those things, just to cover her own ass. I also found out that her so called “new friend” was just a guy that she liked, but he wasn’t feeling her after she acted the way she did. She had the nerve to call me a few days after to tell me that she was sorry and that she wanted to get together for drinks. Can you believe that Sugar Honey Ice Tea?? I didn’t respond to her request, I just laughed real hard and hung the phone up on her simply ass. Thanks for reading…

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L  Is for life

O Is for only

V Is for victory

E Is for ecstasy

Love is for life and you can only have victory that can last for always and forever in ecstasy

Only a life time of victory can last forever in ecstasy

Victory can come at anytime in life only if you believe in forever and you must believe in ecstasy

Ecstasy is a victory in life that can only last forever and always

Final Thought: I want a love for life so that only I (maybe we) can have a victory and experience ecstasy that will last forever and always. Thanks for reading…

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Love Always

When I first saw you I knew right then and there that dreams do come true

You helped me realize that love is possible when I didn’t have a clue

Because day in and day out I didn’t know what love was all about

Being in and out of certain relationships gave me serious doubt

You are the one that I am always thinking of

You have given every reason to live and love

I put my trust I put my love and I put my heart in your hand

Because I know deep down you can make me a stronger man

When it feels like I am in a deep dark hole

You seem to love me in a way that re-energizes my soul

You have a very special kind of love

Sent from the heavens above

I give God all of the glory and praise

Because he has sent you to me to LOVE ALWAYS…

Final Thought: Being in love and loving that special someone is just one of the things that makes life worth living. If anyone has been blessed with that special someone, make sure to not only tell them that you love them, make sure that you show them and remember to love them always. Thanks for reading…

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Four Basic Emotions Of This Man

This man is happy and he has no thoughts of being sad; he is never confused about his emotions: he has no reason to not care about anyone or anything because he is happy

This man is sad and he doesn’t want to be happy; he is also confused about his emotions; he doesn’t care about anyone or anything because he is sad

This man is confused because he doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad; if he is happy it doesn’t seem to last long; if he is sad it seems to last longer than expected; he doesn’t know which emotion to choose  because he starts to not care about anyone or anything because he is confused

This man doesn’t care about being happy or sad or confused; he is to the point where he doesn’t give a damn about his emotions; he has no emotions about anyone or anything because he doesn’t give a damn

So what should this man do? Should he give up on being happy? Should he accept being sad? Should he stay confused? Should he give a damn? Even if this man has all of these emotions because of a broken heart, maybe just maybe he can learn from all of these different emotions and make himself stronger and better.

Final Thought: When a relationship is over and the love has gone, it can bring out different emotions in some people. I am not speaking for everyone and I am not speaking for every man, but I can say that life and love can make you and it can break you. Both can take you to a point of uncertainty on how to deal with the two and how to maintain your well being. FYI love has four letters, life has four letters and live has four letters. This man should deal with the 1st (love), accept the 2nd (life) and do the 3rd (live) right?? Thanks for reading…

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