The Smoke Screen

There are times when I really feel like “love” means you and I. It’s a feeling that I can’t put into words. The way you look at me, makes me feel strong and special. Heck, when you touch me I get a warm and comfortable feeling inside of me. I talk about you all the time and smile whenever I think of you. In my mind and in my heart you’re the perfect woman and your love means the world to me. Our relationship is a loving relationship and we are truly the “perfect couple” that people should take notice of. Finally, all of the stars in the galaxy are aligned and all is good in the world. Yeah that sounds great and all; to bad it seems like you are just blowing smoke up my a** and taking me for a ride into the land of bulls***. You seem to be holding on to your past, every time we are suppose to get together you give me a dumb a** excuse as to why we can’t go out, and when I want to make love to you or receive some “loving” from you you come with “my time of the month” phase. Oh let’s not forget how you let your eyes wonder around and say that you’re just being cautious about your surroundings. Hell I feel like a ghost when you talk around me or in codes like I am not even in the same vicinity as you. Most of all, we don’t even do the special things/little things that count in a relationship anymore. You seem so distant and DAMN IT I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT ALL!!! Now if I did all of these things to you, would you stay or would you go?? Quick you must decide before the smoke clears.

Final Thought: If someone doesn’t want to be in a relationship anymore, why can’t they just say so instead of stringing the other person along or try to spare their feelings? Now I know no one is perfect, but damn I would prefer someone to tell me to my face that the relationship is over, rather than throw s*** in my face and tell me not to worry it’s only chocolate ice cream. That’s just down right stupid right?? Thanks for reading

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