Is It Worth It

This topic is for some people (including myself) who have been down this road that I am about to mention. When a relationship is over, is it worth it to act like a press a** fool? Is crying your eyes out and feeling like life has no meaning anymore because a relationship ends? Think about it, some will keep calling the other person begging for another chance, some will text the other person so much that their cell phone provider will be like “damn they’re press”. Hell some folks will show up at the other person’s house uninvited just to start trouble. Then to make matters worse, some will even damage the other person’s car beyond repair. Some people will keep digging for information on the other person even after the relationship is over. Why?? Just so that they can find some things and get hurt even more?? If the relationship is over and done for whatever  reason, I say try your best and get over it. I can say that I have been on both sides of the road. I have been on the road that had me crying like a baby in need of a diaper change, I have been on the road that had me begging the other person to stay with me and let’s love each other and stay together no matter what. Especially if I know that I didn’t do anything wrong for the relationship to end. I do have to admit, I was the reason that some of the relationships that I was in ended because I was young, dumb, and insecure about myself. That was then and this is now!!! I have been on the road that had me caught in between someone who couldn’t let go and someone who didn’t let go, but told me something totally different. I am no expert, but to me all of that crazy a** stuff is not worth the time or energy. Listen, if s*** was worth anything, then poor people would have been born without an a**hole. Meaning, take your a** in a corner somewhere, shed some tears and get yourself together. The relationship is over, but life goes on.

Final Thought: Sometimes emotions can get the best of us and cloud are judgement to the point where we can’t think clearly. No matter how much it hurts when a relationship ends, you should never let someone make you loose your self control. It’s not worth it at all. It’s not worth giving up your freedom, it’s not worth giving up your hard earn money to pay for items that you might have destroyed because you let your emotions get the best of you. Life is worth living and love comes and goes. Is it worth it to love life? Yes!! Is it worth it to act like a fool and show the other person that they have that control over you? Hell no!! Thanks for reading…

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