1 Man 2 Hearts

I am only one man, but it feels like I have two hearts

They beat as one, but their feelings are different and the conversation never stops

Heart 1 says that love can conquer all no matter what

Let love flow and ignore that strange feeling in your gut

I will retain love and happiness inside of me for a long while

I will make sure that you are happy and be able to maintain a joyful smile

Heart 1 says that special someone I and will love and be together

It said that special someone and I will stay in love and it will last forever

Heart 1 said that when her and I make love to put my all into it

To make sure she feels all of me and calm her spirit

Heart 1 says to love her and treat her like a queen

Make sure to love her and respect her to the fullest and leave nothing in between

Heart 1 says to love her mind, body, and soul

Do all of this and we will achieve the ultimate goal

Heart 2 says that love did not conquer all

Look how love hurt you and now you feel very small

Heart 2 says look how happiness and love let you down

Now that smile is nothing more than a heartache turned into a frown

Heart 2 says that when it comes to love there is no such thing as being together forever

That is love way of giving you false hope, now isn’t that clever

Heart 2 said remember when it was said to put your all into it while making love

That did not work and now it seemed like it was only sex, what were you thinking of

Heart 2 says it was said to treat her like a queen and leave nothing in between

You did that and it got you nowhere do you see what I mean

Heart 2 said that Heart 1 said do all of those things and achieve the ultimate goal

All of that was done, but you are hurting and it might be time for us to become cold

Heart 2 said see I told you that this thing called love is not your type

Feeling loved and being in love is nothing but a bunch of hype

Heart 2 says there is no such thing as joy, there is only pain

It is almost like no sunshine only clouds and a lot of rain

Now I am starting to think that there is no feeling of love or joy

It feels like it is just something to distract me from life, you know like a decoy

Final Thought: There is one man with two hearts who have different feelings within. Now after doing all the right things and still getting hurt and coming up with the “short end of the stick” what heart makes more sense to listen to. Heart 1 or Heart 2??? Thanks for reading…

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