At the start of a relationship, no one knows if love will prevail or if love will come into the relationship at all. When we are in a relationship, being loved and being in love with someone can feel so wonderful. Love can make you feel great, love can make you experience the great joy that life has to offer. Love can make you pay attention to that special someone more than you can ever imagine. Everything is great in the relationship when things are good with the expectation that things will last forever and always. Speaking for myself, I know how it feels to be in love and how it feels not to be loved. Trying to learn from past experiences and from past relationships, can be very tiresome, but I have to be willing to learn and make changes within myself and not fall for the dumb s*** from the past right?? There have been times when a relationship ended and it was totally my fault (hey I wasn’t perfect, never have been never will be I am only human). There have been times when I know for a fact I was really in love and I did nothing wrong in the relationship. Once the relationship ended do you know what happened? It felt like love came along and knocked me the f*** out. We may get to the point where we don’t care and we want to let love go for good. But no, we meet someone else and that great feeling starts all over again. If it is not meant to be, love comes along and kicks our ass again and again and again until we get it right or until love feels like it wants to stick around for a very long time. Love is nothing to play around with when it comes to dealing with the heart and feelings of another person. Hey it takes a fool to play with love and not to expect to experience consequences and repercussions from their negative actions. The great R & B singer Teddy P (RIP) said it best “Looks Like Another Love TKO” man he was right.

Final Thought: When the relationship ends and the love is gone it can feel like nothing else matters in this world. No one wants to keep getting knocked down and knocked out by love. It can be hard to get up from and that s*** starts to hurt over a period of time. Well I guess we have to keep trying until we win. Or do we??? Thanks for reading…

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