A Crazy Ass Feeling

There is a feeling inside of me that I can’t stand and I can’t seem to get rid of. It is a feeling of uncertainty, a feeling of betrayal and a feeling of loneliness. Our relationship started out good and it seemed that it would last until the end of time. To me it felt like our relationship came right out of a fairy tale book. You came into my life at a point when I needed that special someone and I felt like you were that special someone who could fill a void in my life. We laughed together, we shared each others feelings and opinions, we made passionate love like no two people on earth could ever do. You made me feel like I was on top of the world and nothing and no one could touch me. I put my heart in your hands and I not only asked you, I begged you to handle it with extreme care. I talked about you to everyone within a hear shot, because I felt in my heart that you were my queen and you would love me forever. It was one of the best feelings in the world, so I thought. Now let me get back to explaining this crazy ass feeling that I am experiencing inside of me. I feel like pure s*** and it feelings like you took my heart in your hands and slammed it to the ground and stomp the love right out of it. You started talking to me in a disrespectful tone. I felt like you were looking for a easy way out of the relationship just so you could go out and “do you”. It made me wonder if you gave a damn about my feelings, hell I even wonder if you think about me or care if I am still living. Because of this crazy ass feeling, its hard for me to see a car like yours, listen to your favorite song or even go to some of the places we use to go…. DAMN IT WHY AM I FEELING THIS WAY?? THIS FEELING NEEDS TO GO AWAY!! IT HURTS TO THINK ABOUT YOU AND IT HURTS TO BREATH.. MAN THIS FEELING IS NOT GOOD AT ALL. DAMN MY STOMACH HURTS AND MY MIND HURTS AND MY SOUL HURTS. WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?? I AM TRYING TO TELL MYSELF TO JUST LET IT GO AND MOVE ON, BUT IT’S SO F***INGĀ  HARD TO DO. I KNOW THAT I AM NOT P**** WHIPPED AND I DON’T HAVE ANY BAD INTENTIONS TOWARDS YOU. IT’S JUST THAT THIS CRAZY ASS FEELING IS TERRIBLE. PAIN PAIN GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK INTO MY HEART EVER AGAIN. Oh well let me calm down and stop being in my feelings and start living again. Yeah yeah I think that would be the best thing to do, hell I might just move on to the next one like you did. You made it real hard for the next female, but hey its worth a try. So let me end this with these closing words as day turns into night one way or another I will be alright. So peace out!!!

Final Thought: This is a feeling that can make you seem like you’re going crazy and about to lose your mind. It’s a feeling that no one should ever have to experience in life. But you know what? Time can heal pain and pain doesn’t last forever. Thanks for reading…

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