But Why

I said that we were a couple and you said that we were a couple too, but you didn’t want to hold hands in public

I showed you affection all the time and you showed me affection too, but you only showed affection when you felt like it

I wanted to trust you with my heart and you said that you would not brake it, but somehow you wind up braking it anyway

I always made sweet and passionate love to you and you climaxed uncontrollably, but now you won’t experience that

I believed that we were in a strong loving relationship and you agreed, but when you went out you claimed to be single

I wanted you in my life and you told me that you wanted me in your life, but you never wanted to talk about the future

I enjoyed the time that we spent together and you said you enjoyed our time together, but I barley saw you

I enjoyed the conversations that we had and you said our conversations were good, but now I can’t get a hold of you

I told you that I loved you and you say that you loved me too, but  your actions were saying something totally different

I said we would be together forever no matter what and you said you felt the same, but we are not together anymore

Every discussion that we had and I pointed out the problems in our relationship, you seemed to come up with every damn excuse under the sun to cover yourself. I keep telling myself that I am done with the relationship and others tell me to leave you alone for good, yet in my heart I still want to be with you… BUT WHY???

Final Thought: There’s always that “one” who everyone tells you that you need to leave them alone, and you know that they are tell you the truth. Yet you still feel the love for that person and your heart tells you something totally different, but why??? Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me…(M.Bowlding/copyright/5-04-15)


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