Someone To Love

As I look to the sky above

I am wishing for someone to love

I begin to look to the left and then I look to the right

But there is still no one insight

I hope wish and pray

For someone beautiful and lovely to come my way

I sit and wait all alone

Wondering if someone will call or text my phone

At times I see others hugging and kissing

I say to myself damn that is what I am missing

I want to cry and scream out loud

Now I know why my smile is turned upside down

I don’t know what else to think of

Other than wanting SOMEONE TO LOVE

Final Thought: Having that special someone to love, can mean the world to the other person. If it’s meant to be it will be period. There is always someone meant for someone in this world and love will prevail in due time. My advice, don’t love just anyone, wait so that you can love that special someone. Thanks for reading…

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