I Thought We Were Cool

There was a time when I thought we were on the same page when it came to certain things in life. I know that you’re a woman and I am a man and we had feelings for one another in the past, and I thought we were cool. We both decided to not pursue a relationship because we valued our friendship. Yes I flirted with and you flirted with me, but I let it be known that we both need to keep it on a friend/family like level and you agreed. Now all of that seemed to change because of you and your mouth. I told you things that I wouldn’t/couldn’t share with anyone else. I shared feelings with you and even shed tears in front of you and with you. There were many conversations that I had with you and only you and I asked you not to share them with anyone else. But nooo you decided to go and run your mouth and put my business on what I called “the hen party website”. You went and told other females that the only reason that I talked to you or called you was because I had a near death experience. Hell, you even said that all I wanted was some ”pity p***y”. Are you f***ing serious??  Listen, before I want any of your p***y, I will have bi-sexual relations. Meaning the only time that I will have sex, it will be by my damn self. Now there’s no love for you from me and I am pretty sure that you have no love for me. I thought we were cool, I guess I was wrong.

Final Thought: I think that it’s hard, but not impossible for a male and a female to be just friends and keep feelings and lust out of the friendship. This particular young lady was like family to me and she basically ruined what we had all because she wanted to have some things to talk about. It was later revealed to me that she wanted more than a friendship, but not a relationship. Hey I was confused and didn’t understand what that meant at first. Let’s just say she wanted us to “hook up” every now and then without putting feelings into “doing the grown up”. I guess she wanted me to give her some “pity d”, nah that’s okay I passed on that. Thanks for reading…

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2 thoughts on “I Thought We Were Cool

  1. wow, hope it’s out your system now.”… I will have bi-sexual relations. Meaning the only time that I will have sex, it will be by my damn self”
    that line just made my night, really sucks to be her right now

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    • Yes it is out of my system..lol. I am glad it made you laugh. That’s exactly what I said to that person. I hope that your night got better and wherever you were, I hope it got better too. I really enjoy your blog, keep up the great work and thanks for sharing. Thank you for reading my blog and please continue to follow me.

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