A Plan Gone A Stray

Here’s the plan

You’ll be my girl and I’ll be your man

Me loving you and you loving me

Just imagine how perfect our life would be

Making you happy would be one of my goals in life

Just think our love could cut the feeling of hate in two like a sharp knife

But then some plans do fall apart

Now it seems that I am alone in the dark

Without you I may as well have no fame or wealth

So now I look in the mirror and cry to myself

My plan was for us to be togethger

But you made damn sure that it wouldn’t be forever

There’s really nothing more that I can say

It’s just another example of a plan gone a stray

Final Thought: Its been said that you should always plan ahead for certain things like trips, parties, reunions, etc. My question is, does the same apply to a relationship? I thought it did concerning a relationship that I was in with who I thought was a great woman. It became clear that she had another plan of her own. My plan was for us to be together forever in a strong and loving relationship. Her plan was for us to be together also, but she wanted to have her cake and eat it too. Just goes to show that you can make a plan in the present, but you damn sure can’t predict the future. Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/3-20-15)


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