The Highs And Lows Of A Relationship

Once our relationship started, it was one of the high points in my life and it made me proud to be a man involved in such a wonderful relationship with such a wonderful woman. We started spending time together, the hugs and kisses we share made a bad day turn into a good day.  The love making becomes more and more passionate each time we get together for a romantic evening.  Holding you in my arms and kissing you all over your body and sharing my deepest feelings with you, made it seem like time stood still for us and us only. I always talk about you to family and friends and they can see how happy you have made me. You tell me that you talk about me to your family and friends also and they can tell how happy you are being in this relationship. The love that we have in our relationship grows stronger and stronger with each passing day and we know that there’s no stopping us from the ultimate goal of pure and wonderful happiness. Our relationship is the definition of true love.  But I will be damn if reality came and kicked me square in the ass and I started to see the real side of you and noticed that the “so called perfect relationship” that I thought we had was just that “so called”. Now here comes the low points of our relationship. You said that your feelings hadn’t changed, but your actions tell me something completely different than what’s coming out of your mouth. You stop calling me and texting me on a regular and you tell me that doesn’t mean anything and the reason why you don’t do those things as much now, is only because you have been tired. I say okay I understand and I won’t trip about it. When it comes to spending time together, you seem to be tired a lot and you say that you have been busy. I say okay I understand and I won’t trip about it too much. When we did spend time together, you seemed distance and you didn’t  want to hold hands, you didn’t want to be kissed and you seem to be less affectionate than before. I ask you wants wrong and you say nothing, I ask you did I do something to upset you and you say no. Some time passed before we got together again and I made damn sure I went out of my way to set up a romantic evening for us. Seconds passed, minutes passed, hours passed and then you want to show up. Your attraction towards me seemed to be forced at times during the evening, but I didn’t trip because I was so happy to see you. Just when it seemed that we’re about to be intimate and enjoy each others passion, you say that it was that “time of the month”. Wow really? You had been talking about us making love all week and now at this moment you want to tell me “it’s that time of the month”. It seems to be that time a lot lately or you’re tired or you have been busy or you don’t feel well. All I want to know is what is the real reason that things have slowed down or have completely stop between us in this relationship?? Oh now you want to tell me that you need time to yourself??  And that you had ran into a old friend and you and this friend have been spending time together??  And you wanted to tell me sooner, but you didn’t want to hurt my feelings??  Well let me ask you this; how in the hell can you want time to yourself and run into a “old friend” and be spending time with them?  Hell you never stated whether this “old friend” was a male or a female. Oh so this person is a male huh?  Now we have been at this relationship for years, not months, but years and now you want to change everything. You wanted to spare my feelings and not tell me sooner what was really going on?  My feelings are still hurt because you finally told me the truth, but how does it matter whether you told me sooner or later?  Doesn’t make sense to me at all.  And why lead me on this whole time?  You know what don’t even answer that question. Step down, step to the side and then step your ass off and get out of my face!!!

Final Thought: Some may read this and say “oh he’s in his feelings” or “he should except it and move on” or “it didn’t work out” or ” he is just mad because she met someone else who is better than him”. Trust me none of those statements are true and I don’t feel that way at all. I look at things this way; water is wet, grass is green, life goes on you know what I mean? I was mad for a few reasons. (1) she didn’t tell me what was going on from jump, (2) she called herself sparing my feelings, (3) she never told me if she was unhappy in the relationship, (4) she played with my heart and my emotions, and (5) she got me all hot and bothered and I still didn’t get any loving; hell she told me it wasn’t “that time of the month” lying ass b**** Thanks for reading…

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