Dear Lord

You already know my name and you know who I am. First, I want to say thank you for dying for my sins and for listening to me when I pray. Now I know that I haven’t been the ideal man that you want me to be in this world and during this lifetime. I don’t go to church often and sometimes I don’t pray like I should. I have been a hypocrite at times, I have looked at females in a lustful manner at times and I drink alcohol ( within limits of course) and I haven’t been true to myself at times. Yet you seem to always be there for me whenever I need you. You saved me from illness and you saved me from a horrible automobile accident. I still at times use words that I shouldn’t use (profanity) a lot, but I am working on that. I still seem to be at odds with myself on how to act and how to carry myself. Even with the issues that I have, you still care about me and love me dearly and I know that you will not give up on me. For what it’s worth, I am forever grateful to you and I want you to know that I will use the gifts that you gave me, which is the gift of love, honor and respect. You know that I love to work with children and I hope to inspire them (especially our young men) to become adults in the world who can/will make a difference. Mainly I want to say that I love you and please don’t give up on me.

Much love and respect to my Lord.

Forever your servant

Mike B.

Final Thought: I thought that I might switch things up with this post just because it had me thinking. This is a letter that I wrote awhile back when my mind, emotions and heart were all over the place. It’s a letter that I still look at from time to time just to remind me of certain things. In all the letter reminds me that I am not perfect and that there is someone who cares about me and who is there for me not matter what. Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/9-03-14)


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