What Went Wrong

After a relationship ends we seem to ask ourselves what went wrong. I don’t mean when someone does the other person dirty, I mean when someone decides to call it quits for no apparent reason. At times you may take the blame because you are that type of person (believe me I have done that before). There are times when the blame should be put  solely on the other person when they know damn well they are the one to blame for whatever happened. You see some of us may look back on a past relationship and try not to dwell on it because it can affect the current or future relationship. But regardless of any preventive measures we take, something always seems to go wrong especially if we really want the current or future relationship to work. Even when we want that one relationship to work and last forever, the fear or thought of it ending stays on our mind. Hell I still ask myself WHAT WENT WRONG with the one true relationship that I really wanted.

Final Thought: No relationship is perfect and some relationships don’t last forever, but the heart seems to say and feel differently. During a relationship, everything seems to be great in the beginning and there is nothing wrong with you or the other person. When things seem to fizzle and die down, that’s when some start to question the relationship. For me I know I asked myself time and time again what went wrong in some relationships and the answer smacked me right in the face. I had to think and say “oh yeah it was something(s) I did. But with the few relationships that I really wanted, the answer was never given to me. I can still hear my heart saying “what went wrong with the relationship that we both really wanted”?? Thanks for reading…

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Dear Lord

You already know my name and you know who I am. First, I want to say thank you for dying for my sins and for listening to me when I pray. Now I know that I haven’t been the ideal man that you want me to be in this world and during this lifetime. I don’t go to church often and sometimes I don’t pray like I should. I have been a hypocrite at times, I have looked at females in a lustful manner at times and I drink alcohol ( within limits of course) and I haven’t been true to myself at times. Yet you seem to always be there for me whenever I need you. You saved me from illness and you saved me from a horrible automobile accident. I still at times use words that I shouldn’t use (profanity) a lot, but I am working on that. I still seem to be at odds with myself on how to act and how to carry myself. Even with the issues that I have, you still care about me and love me dearly and I know that you will not give up on me. For what it’s worth, I am forever grateful to you and I want you to know that I will use the gifts that you gave me, which is the gift of love, honor and respect. You know that I love to work with children and I hope to inspire them (especially our young men) to become adults in the world who can/will make a difference. Mainly I want to say that I love you and please don’t give up on me.

Much love and respect to my Lord.

Forever your servant

Mike B.

Final Thought: I thought that I might switch things up with this post just because it had me thinking. This is a letter that I wrote awhile back when my mind, emotions and heart were all over the place. It’s a letter that I still look at from time to time just to remind me of certain things. In all the letter reminds me that I am not perfect and that there is someone who cares about me and who is there for me not matter what. Thanks for reading…

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Showing Affection

Have you ever heard someone say “I am not an affectionate person or “I don’t show affection all the time”? To me those are some lame ass excuses if I ever heard any and believe me, I have heard a lot of them. Now don’t get me wrong, if someone has been hurt a lot in the past then it might be hard for them to open up and show affection towards another person. Over a period of time that will begin to change especially if they want to be in a relationship. I know damn well no one wants to date a robot. Now if they don’t know how to show affection, then may be they should say so. It’s not hard to do at all, if they really like someone.To me, affection should be displayed whenever and where ever the feeling comes about. There’s nothing wrong with showing affection in public (within reason of course). Showing others how much you care about someone and letting others know that you are in a relationship, just might make life seem great. Affection is what makes the relationship just as strong and special with every waking moment in life.

Final Thought: Showing affection can make the one you with, feel special and loved. There are some (like me) who are hopeless romantics and who may wear their heart on their sleeves. Telling that special someone you love them, kissing that special someone all the time, hugging that special someone a lot, and holding hands with that special someone are just a few examples of showing affection.  When you show affection towards the one you’re with and don’t get the same in turn, it stings like hell. It’s like being stung by one hundred bees and swelling up because you’re allergic to the rejection of no affection. Show affection towards the one you love, and enjoy that great feeling Thanks for reading…

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