Is The Relationship Over

When we met it was special and over a period of time, we fell in love. I wanted you to be my queen and I wanted to be your king. Yes I know there was drama on my end and on your end, but we got rid of it; sort of. Regardless, we both agreed that the drama was over and done with. No one could tell us that we weren’t in love, because we sat out to prove the haters wrong. Then over a period of time, things began to change in our relationship and your actions began change also. You began to shut me out and things went down hill from there. No more kissing, no more going out, no more spending time together, no more love making, and no more ” I Love You” coming out of your mouth. All you kept doing was blowing me off when it came to us and gave me excuse after excuse on what was going on in our relationship. So I had to act like a damn fool by talking, crying and begging you to just listen to me and talk to me about what’s going on with us. I asked you to not spare my feelings and tell me the truth. You said that you would call me back, but you didn’t, you said that we would spend time together but we didn’t. I text you over and over again, but you chose to respond when you feel like it. I am telling you that it feels like I am losing my mind and I can’t take this feeling of not knowing if we’re still in a relationship or not. Now there are no phone calls or attention being displayed on your part what so ever. And when I finally (after weeks of text messages and phone calls) did get a chance to talk to you, you say to me “I am sorry I have been busy, but I need time to myself”. Is that all that you can say to me after all the time that has passed? No explanation on why I haven’t heard from you or where is our relationship going? Just be woman enough and answer this question, is the relationship over?  Well is it??

Final Thought: If a relationship is not working for one person, they should act like a mature adult and say whether or not they want to stay in a relationship with someone right? Yet you have some people in this world that say they don’t want to hurt the other persons feeling by telling them the relationship is over. WHAT THE F***, that’s like telling water not to be wet anymore, it doesn’t make sense. Sparing ones feelings and leading them on, only makes matters worse. Even to this day, my heart hurts because I never got the real answer to my question, is the relationship over?? Thanks for reading…

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