Just A Friend

Question, has anyone ever heard the person you were dating say he/she is “just a friend” or “such and such is my buddy” while you both are in a relationship?  From a males point of view, I heard a female say that to me and she had the nerve to say those things to me with a straight face. When you hear these terms, just take everything in and be cool. It may be true and he/she may just be a friend of theirs, but then again it might be a smoke screen to cover up the creeping that’s going on. Oh yeah how about this statement “I don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I have a friend”. What the hell does that mean?? Now if they’re kissing them, spending time with them, making love to them, telling them that they love them, then in my opinion, they’re involved in a relationship with that person right? Some people will use the term “friend” anyway they damn well please. Hell the female that I knew used the term “friend” in another way. To her the term “friend” was her way of saying that he was her “d*** on the side”. She said she had what I need, but she said he was just a friend; yeah right that turned out to be total bulls***, because the person she claimed who was just a friend, turned out to be her ex-boyfriend who she was still seeing on the side.

Final Thought: There’s nothing wrong with having a friend of the opposite sex, just as along they don’t cross the line of being just friends mainly if you know that their already in a relationship. I have heard a female say that she had a male friend and they have been best friends since they were in elementary school. Seems alright, but what got me was when she said that his girlfriend shouldn’t get mad when she wants to go out with him and not bring his girlfriend along. That doesn’t make sense to me. I heard a male say that he had female friends before he got involved with his girlfriend. Seems alright, but he didn’t tell his girlfriend that he was still sleeping with some of those female friends. Having just a friend could be hazardous to a relationship if one is not careful. Think about it, if you take out the first three (3) letters in the word “friend” what word are you left with? END!!! Thanks for reading…

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