The Rain Outside

As we walk outside it starts to rain and we are far from any type of shelter and we don’t have a umbrella. You want to run for cover so that you won’t get wet and you don’t want your hair to get messed up. On any given day I would make sure that you and I wouldn’t get wet, but for some reason I don’t care about getting caught in the rain. I look around and noticed that there is no one else near us. Then suddenly we begin to kiss; then the kisses become more passionate while our lips are connected. I hold your body close to mine and it feels like I could hold you in my arms forever. Our bodies movement causes us to sweat with excitement, but we don’t care because we are in the rain outside. I began to kiss your neck ever so gently so that I will not miss a spot. You hold me even tighter than before and then I whisper in your ear “do you want me”? You say “yes baby I want you”. I put one hand under your dress and I begin to rub your inner thigh every so slowly. I notice that you move my hand and you want to take control. I say to you “no baby I got this”  and for some reason that seems to turn you on even more. You give in and let me assume control. Your body is shaking with desire as I enter your area of warmth and pleasure. While I can feel your precious juices flowing, it makes me pleasure you even more. While I am holding you, kissing, and giving you all that I have to give you, I say to you “love has brought us together and love will keep us together”.   I say “I love you”, you say you love me, I say “I love you”, you say you love me over and over and over again. And with every word that comes from our mouths, the movement gets more intense, the movement becomes more passionate, the movement speeds up, the movement slows down, the movement becomes just right. You scream out “please don’t stop” and I say to you “I won’t stop, I can’t stop because I want you to feel the pleasure I’m giving you, I want you to enjoy this pleasure I’m giving you because you are my beautiful queen and I love you”. Then the movement picks up right from where it should and you move your body in rhythm with my body then the movement oh the special movement gets faster and faster and faster and faster. And then we both scream out loud at the same time “I LOVE YOU” as we both each that pleasure peak. We look into each others eyes and not saying a word, we both look up to the sky and we notice that it’s still raining. We get our composure  together and we walk hand in hand to the car. I open the passenger side door so that you can get in and I open the driver side door so that I can get in. As I start to drive off, we both notice that it has stop raining and we start to see more people are in the streets now. Doesn’t matter to us, because we’re already checking the weather to find out the next time it’s supposed to rain.

Final Thought: All I can say about the rain is this; I like it, I love it, I want more of it. Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/8-20-14)


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