I Miss You

I miss you and this much is true

It seems that my gray skies won’t turn blue

My heart is full of pain and confusion

I think I see you, but wait it’s only an illusion

I sit and wait by the phone

Hoping you call and say baby come over, because I’m all alone

I know that my love for you runs deep

Because I can’t seem to eat or sleep

My family and friends tell me to pick myself up and move on

They say I should accept the fact that you’re gone

We were together for quite a few years

But you sat and watch while I cried so many tears

When we made love it was sweet, passionate and strong

It was love making that took us to places above and beyond

Together forever no matter what, is what you said as you looked into my eyes

Now I sit and think that was a pack of lies

I felt then that I didn’t want anyone else

But now I guess I will just be by myself

I am all alone and I feel like a fool

Damn girl I really and truly miss you

Final Thought: The feeling of missing someone when a relationship ends, can hurt so bad that life has no true meaning. That feeling of emptiness and hurt is a pain that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. In the dictionary the word “missing” has different meanings when used in different ways. In adjective form “lacking, absent, or not found: a missing person”. In idiom (expression) form “go missing, to disappear, become lost”. In verb form (used with a person) “to fail to be present at or for; to notice the absence or loss of; to regret the absence or loss of (example I miss you all dreadfully)”. Now the dictionary and the internet can give you all of those meanings of the word “missing” yet neither one of them can tell your heart what to feel or how to really get over that person that you’re missing. DAMN SHAME!!! Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/8-18-14) 


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