Wanted: A True Woman

This ad is being place in the hopes of finding a true woman. The following duties include, but are not limit to one specific task. You must be willing to show a great amount of affection, as well as willing to receive more in return. You should be trustworthy as well as have trust in the man that you are going to be with. You will be required to explain the true meaning of a loving and caring relationship. You must have knowledge about a man feelings and how to love a man and how not to break his heart. EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!!! The benefits are good, damn good. The benefits are as follows; respect, honesty, loyalty, passion beyond your wildest dreams, and the feeling of being treated like a queen. The pay is worth more than money and gold. The pay is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, PRICELESS LOVE, LOVE THAT WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME, LOVE THAT IS STRONG AND TRUE, LOVE THAT IS ALWAYS AND FOREVER. FYI…the woman should know that everyday won’t be great and problems may arise. The woman should also know that the man may make mistakes in the relationship along the way and he may need guidance when it comes to love. The woman should be willing to chose whether or not to accept the man for any faults that he may have and hope that he corrects them or encourage the man to change them before she leaves the man alone. If the man for any reason doesn’t treat the woman right or if the man hurts the woman’s heart and doesn’t show any type of compassion, the contract will be null and void. No need for fake ass woman to apply…

Final Thought: I wonder how many women would answer this ad if it was a actual job placed in the classified section of a local newspaper. Would they be willing to be with a man placing an ad for a true woman? And what is the definition for a true woman? There a lot of people who may have different meanings of a true woman and there may be a lot of woman who claim to be a true woman. I believe it’s up to the man to be true to himself first, then set out to find the true woman that he wants to be with. And yes I know every man is not perfect and true, but every woman is not perfect and true either. It just goes to show you that we’re only human. Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me…  (M.Bowlding/copyright/8-17-14)   


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