The Picture

Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but it would be nice if some people took that statement to heart. When we take a picture it is as if we are trying to capture the moment of a special time to share with family and friends or just to have to admire that special someone. It might be a picture from a birthday party, it might be a picture from a club, or it might be a picture from a cabaret. But when the picture comes up missing or mysteriously misplaced during a relationship, then there’s a problem. Especially when the relationship seems to lose its fire after awhile for whatever reason and you noticed that the picture of you and that special someone is not where it normally sits. You don’t say anything at first because you’re so glad to see that person. Now let’s say you are looking for some candles to light because you and your special someone are having a romantic evening together. While looking for the candles, you come across the picture of you and that special someone hidden behind the bookshelf where the candles are. You may ask “where is the picture of you and I”. The answer you might get is “oh it fell behind the dresser” or get this one “the frame broke and I have to get a new one”. What would you say after hearing those excuses and knowing that you already saw the picture and the frame wasn’t broken? You would say that those were so lame ass excuses right?? If they wanted to hide the picture for whatever reason, then they should have said so. I have a few suggestions; don’t trip just get a grip. Tell them to step the “f*** off” and tell them to have a romantic evening with their damn selves. Then take a picture of that stupid ass expression on their face and frame it and call it “a moment frozen in time”.

Final Thought: The person from this past experience finally told the truth about what really happened to the picture. They stated that their so called ex came over and they didn’t want them to see the picture. The response they got made them feel like crap or so they said. And the relationship was done; now picture that!!! Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/8-14-14)


2 thoughts on “The Picture

  1. I like how you always have a “final thought” or what the overall message is. Especially these days! We misinterpret things sometimes. Good piece. I thought about a picture I lost of someone close to me..Brought me back a bit….but I’m moving forward.

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