Multiple Choice

Do you:

(a) want someone who says that they love you, but is so combative that they’re willing to cut you and hurt you, if you don’t want to be with them anymore

(b) want to spend a couple of years with someone who gives you love and then don’t know if they want to be in a relationship any longer

(c) want someone who loves you and is deeply in love with and wants to spend a life time with you

(d) want to give up on love and not let your heart experience any type of happiness

Correct answer is….

Final Thought: Everyone’s answer is different and some times everyone’s answer is the same. What will your answer be?? Thanks for reading…

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3 thoughts on “Multiple Choice

  1. My personal choice is C. I’m truly a hopeless romantic that loves hard so I honesty believe in that forever love and having a soul mate. I desire my equivalent, someone who loves me and my girls so much that he wouldn’t jeopardize losing us by cheating or doing anything that would cause us to be in divorce court. I believe in marriage whole heartily and understand that it is work! It’s not for the weak or easily waded LOL. Awesome post Michael 🙂 🙂 🙂


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