Forever is what you said it would be

Together forever you and me

You said that our love would stand the test of time

You said that you would always be mine

You said our love was good enough to stop all wars

You assured me that I would always be yours

You said our love was true and strong

You said you would never do me wrong

You said we would be together no matter how high the stakes

You said we would be together regardless of our past mistakes

I kissed you, I hugged you, I even made sweet love to you

You said thank you and you loved me too

Since it seems that now we’re far apart

Together forever will always stay in my heart

Final Thought: Some people take the word “forever” to heart when it comes to love and relationships. Some like me, have been told this during a romantic conversation and during that “special process” ( read “Making Love”). Which makes the word “forever” really mean something. Some like me have been told this during a conversation and during “that moment” (read “Just A Sex Thing”). Just goes to show you some people mean it and it comes from the heart, and some people don’t mean it and are full of s***. The word should not be used lightly. Maybe the word “eternally” should be used, that word means longer than forever right?? Thanks for reading…

Spread the word and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/8-06-14)


2 thoughts on “Forever

  1. Oh yes, forever is used like poison these days. I’ve got a ton of ” Forever” stories but the “forever” people are no longer in the picture.
    Good piece.
    I received your comment and I am in the same position. I am new to this too. I don’t post all of my poems here but I do upload the poems that people can relate too, so they know they are not alone. I finished my first poetry book, I am just working out the kinks and what not. If you have a gazillion poems like me, then gosh darn it, compile those bad boys into a book! Research, write, research and then get a few perspectives. If anything, just e-mail me!


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