Making Love

Now this is a sequel of sorts to “Just A Sex Thing” . Making love is totally different, because feelings and time are put into this very special process. We as men (and I am not speaking for all men, just the ones who want to agree with me) should hold on to that special woman tight and kiss every inch of her beautiful body. A man should make her feel like a queen and  make her feel like he needs her more than life itself. Fellas you should rub your hands ever so gently, up and down her legs, her breast and her face and make her body shiver with desire. Tell her over and over that you love her and need her in your life. Now ladies you should make that man feel like a king during this love making process too. Remember, he is your protector. I believe that the lady should be the one who receives all of the “special treatment” during this very special process. Making love should be special and sweet, to me only people who are in love should be making love. Some people want to have rose pedals leading from the door into the bedroom straight to the bed. Some people want to have soft music playing while making love. Some people want to burn candles while they’re making love. Some people want to make love in the rain. Some people want to make love in a hot tub. Some people want to make love in the strangest places. That’s all fine and good, you plan to make that person feel special and you are being romantic. But check it, all of that fades out of your mind and doesn’t seem to matter during this very special process called making love. You see while you both are kissing each other, while you both are feeling each others heart beat with every movement, while you both feel each others warm and sweet embrace, while you both are set on making each other quake with passion none of those things seem to matter. You both are lost in passion and feel the need to explode with uncontrollable victory.  And when you both reach that “pleasure peak” look into each others eyes and say “I LOVE YOU”.

Final Thought: I call making love a special process because it takes time, energy and special effort to accomplish this great feat. When you love someone and you are in love with someone, making love will make you both feel special and wanted. If you think about it after the love making, you both will need to clean up the mess you made and that’s a process in itself :}…thanks for reading

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4 thoughts on “Making Love

  1. Whoa this took me to a place I used to know. I love this blog. It’s so honest and speaking from actual grown women this is one of the most desired and underserved areas of a relationship unfortunately. I know I haven’t had it in years lol great post!!!


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