Just A Sex Thing

To some having sex ain’t nothing but a straight up “sex thing” or “a good f***”. It’s like there are no feelings involved at all. Hell some even say that it’s “a roll in the hay”, “a quickie” or my granddad’s personal favorite saying “shaking the sheets”. Okay fellas, there are some females who will say “I just want some d***. Well guys then give them the d***. Now ladies some guys may say “I don’t want a relationship or your money, I just want your honey”. Ladies that one is up to you. To me sex is just another way for both parties to get their rocks off, not long or hard, just enough to say “oh I needed that”. And if someone doesn’t consider you both as a couple and make a statement that you guys are just “f*** buddies, then it most definitely is just a sex thing. So if you’re going to have “just sex” make sure you don’t get to deep into the other person, because someone feelings will get hurt. And fellas please, please, please, strap it up, be respectful and be safe. And ladies please, please, please, be careful, protect yourself and be safe.

Final Thought: I remember hearing someone say that they didn’t want a relationship, they just wanted to have sex with a certain someone, because they felt like that person was sexy as hell or they thought that person was phatt (pretty hot & totally tempting). As a matter of fact, I heard it twice in one day. I heard a female say to male that they just wanted to have sex with them with no strings attached. And I heard a male say the same thing to a female. Now mind you this was on two different occasions dealing with four different people, the female knew the male in one situation; the male knew the female in another situation. And get this, they all were in a relationship with someone else. Crazy right?? Anyway it got me thinking about how the phrase “being horny” overshadows the phrase “being respectful”. Thanks for reading…

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