The Game Of Love

The first question about this topic is what is love? You hear different answers or different opinions about love. But we all know that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Now love can make you strong, love can make you weak. Speaking for myself, I have been hurt by love and I have been saved by love. I even used love to my advantage before I even knew what it really meant. And how in the blue hell can someone say “I love you, but I’m not in love with you”? If they’re a family member or a close friend of the same sex, then I could see the reason for making that statement. But what does that statement really mean during the rough times of a relationship? And why or why would someone say that when referring to their ex?? Whether their referring to an ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, or their children’s father, while they are still in a current relationship that shouldn’t come up. Let me give you two examples and keep in mind the female (in both examples) shares everything that she is doing with the male. Example #1, the male asks the female “why do you still text your ex” or “why do you still have pictures of him in your phone”? The female replies “well we were together for a long time before I met you and we’re still close. I love him, but I’m not in love with him”Example #2, the male asks the female “why do you still have pictures of your kids father in your phone and tell me to be quiet when he calls” or “why do you still text him, email him, and defend him when you say he doesn’t do a damn thing for the kids? I don’t talk bad about him and I don’t put him down in front or around your kids. You say you can’t stand him and he gets on your nerves”. The females replies, “well we were together for awhile and we do have kids together, “I love him, but I’m not in love with him”.  And in some cases the female says “what do you expect, I am suppose to have feelings for him and I don’t hate him”. The male replies “well I’m not asking you to hate him, but don’t get mad at me when I’m doing the same towards/with my ex”. The females replies “oh that’s different, because you’re a male”. The male replies “what the f**k!!!” I call it “the game of love” for two reasons. One there has to be a winner and there has to be a loser. Two to some people it’s just that, a damn game.

Final Thought: All of this can be defined as a game of cat and mouse, catch 22, you’re damn if you do and you’re damn if you don’t, red light green light. Regardless of what anyone wants to call it, this was one game I did not like. Thanks for reading….

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