I Love You, Do You Love Me

To whom it may concern, (hell you know who you are) this topic is directed towards you. You know how I feel about you and how much I truly love you. I have been with you over a long period of time and I have made sweet and passionate love to you like nothing else mattered in this world. I mean I made love to you like I could never do with any other woman. What hurts me so bad is that you don’t seem to give a damn about how I feel. I asked you what about all of the time that we spent together, what about all the plans we made together, what about building our future together, what about us proving to people that our love was strong and true. When I asked you about all of those things, you said “what about it”. When I reminded you about the special love making we shared, you said “what about it”. It seems that you have taken all of those special things and flushed them down the toilet. I love you, do you love me?? Now that’s the question. When you find the answer, smack yourself real hard and let me know how it feels. That way you can feel my pain.

Final Thought: This topic focused on a question that I never really got a answer to. Everything was going great and we were on the same page. Then things started to sour after awhile. It wasn’t because of me, it was because “a certain someone” didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. They made the choice to hang out and “do them”. I learned to get over it, but it made me mad on how it ended and the funky ass attitude that was being displayed during this discussion. Now this was from a past experience and I have moved on from it. But I wonder, did that person find the answer and was the smack hard enough for them to feel the pain? One only knows. Thanks for reading……….

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