Is The Relationship Over

When we met it was special and over a period of time, we fell in love. I wanted you to be my queen and I wanted to be your king. Yes I know there was drama on my end and on your end, but we got rid of it; sort of. Regardless, we both agreed that the drama was over and done with. No one could tell us that we weren’t in love, because we sat out to prove the haters wrong. Then over a period of time, things began to change in our relationship and your actions began change also. You began to shut me out and things went down hill from there. No more kissing, no more going out, no more spending time together, no more love making, and no more ” I Love You” coming out of your mouth. All you kept doing was blowing me off when it came to us and gave me excuse after excuse on what was going on in our relationship. So I had to act like a damn fool by talking, crying and begging you to just listen to me and talk to me about what’s going on with us. I asked you to not spare my feelings and tell me the truth. You said that you would call me back, but you didn’t, you said that we would spend time together but we didn’t. I text you over and over again, but you chose to respond when you feel like it. I am telling you that it feels like I am losing my mind and I can’t take this feeling of not knowing if we’re still in a relationship or not. Now there are no phone calls or attention being displayed on your part what so ever. And when I finally (after weeks of text messages and phone calls) did get a chance to talk to you, you say to me “I am sorry I have been busy, but I need time to myself”. Is that all that you can say to me after all the time that has passed? No explanation on why I haven’t heard from you or where is our relationship going? Just be woman enough and answer this question, is the relationship over?  Well is it??

Final Thought: If a relationship is not working for one person, they should act like a mature adult and say whether or not they want to stay in a relationship with someone right? Yet you have some people in this world that say they don’t want to hurt the other persons feeling by telling them the relationship is over. WHAT THE F***, that’s like telling water not to be wet anymore, it doesn’t make sense. Sparing ones feelings and leading them on, only makes matters worse. Even to this day, my heart hurts because I never got the real answer to my question, is the relationship over?? Thanks for reading…

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Just A Friend

Question, has anyone ever heard the person you were dating say he/she is “just a friend” or “such and such is my buddy” while you both are in a relationship?  From a males point of view, I heard a female say that to me and she had the nerve to say those things to me with a straight face. When you hear these terms, just take everything in and be cool. It may be true and he/she may just be a friend of theirs, but then again it might be a smoke screen to cover up the creeping that’s going on. Oh yeah how about this statement “I don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I have a friend”. What the hell does that mean?? Now if they’re kissing them, spending time with them, making love to them, telling them that they love them, then in my opinion, they’re involved in a relationship with that person right? Some people will use the term “friend” anyway they damn well please. Hell the female that I knew used the term “friend” in another way. To her the term “friend” was her way of saying that he was her “d*** on the side”. She said she had what I need, but she said he was just a friend; yeah right that turned out to be total bulls***, because the person she claimed who was just a friend, turned out to be her ex-boyfriend who she was still seeing on the side.

Final Thought: There’s nothing wrong with having a friend of the opposite sex, just as along they don’t cross the line of being just friends mainly if you know that their already in a relationship. I have heard a female say that she had a male friend and they have been best friends since they were in elementary school. Seems alright, but what got me was when she said that his girlfriend shouldn’t get mad when she wants to go out with him and not bring his girlfriend along. That doesn’t make sense to me. I heard a male say that he had female friends before he got involved with his girlfriend. Seems alright, but he didn’t tell his girlfriend that he was still sleeping with some of those female friends. Having just a friend could be hazardous to a relationship if one is not careful. Think about it, if you take out the first three (3) letters in the word “friend” what word are you left with? END!!! Thanks for reading…

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Letting Go

After a relationship that we really want to work ends for whatever reason, it’s hard for some people to let go. Let’s face it, we’re only human so we should know that our feelings will be hurt and our heart will seem to be broken in two. Some may hold out a small bit of hope by calling, sending a number of text messages, sending letters, crying and begging that other person for another chance to make them happy and to show them that they truly love them with all of their heart ( I should know, because I have done it). Now people on the outside looking in, may say that you’re being pressed, you’re whipped or acting plain stupid. Those people “on the outside looking in” don’t know a damn thing on how you feel, so they shouldn’t criticize you they should talk to you to help you deal with the heart ache. You may be hurting on the inside and not showing it on the outside. Either way remember this, only you can tell you what to do and how to feel. Don’t act a fool by displaying anger and wanting to bring harm to anyone, because that can only make matters worse. Just try real hard to get over that person and everything will be okay. I know it’s easy to say and hard to do, but continue to believe in love and everything will be fine. Trust me I have learned from experience.

Final Thought: I don’t think that there’s anyone on the face of this earth, who wants a relationship that they truly believe in, to end and let go of that special person. If you are use to seeing that person on a regular bases and spending time with them, the letting go part becomes more difficult. The memories are hard to let go, the thought of not talking to that special person and the thoght of not kissing them, makes letting go extremely hard to do. Has anyone ever had that gut feeling when you see something or someone that reminds you of that special person that you had to let go? Well that feeling can break you way down and destroy you, if you let it. I have a few suggestions: (1) remember you have one life to live, so enjoy it, (2) if the relationship was meant to be, maybe just maybe you both will get another chance to start again, (3) let go and let GOD find that special person to share your life with. Thanks for reading…

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The Rain Outside

As we walk outside it starts to rain and we are far from any type of shelter and we don’t have a umbrella. You want to run for cover so that you won’t get wet and you don’t want your hair to get messed up. On any given day I would make sure that you and I wouldn’t get wet, but for some reason I don’t care about getting caught in the rain. I look around and noticed that there is no one else near us. Then suddenly we begin to kiss; then the kisses become more passionate while our lips are connected. I hold your body close to mine and it feels like I could hold you in my arms forever. Our bodies movement causes us to sweat with excitement, but we don’t care because we are in the rain outside. I began to kiss your neck ever so gently so that I will not miss a spot. You hold me even tighter than before and then I whisper in your ear “do you want me”? You say “yes baby I want you”. I put one hand under your dress and I begin to rub your inner thigh every so slowly. I notice that you move my hand and you want to take control. I say to you “no baby I got this”  and for some reason that seems to turn you on even more. You give in and let me assume control. Your body is shaking with desire as I enter your area of warmth and pleasure. While I can feel your precious juices flowing, it makes me pleasure you even more. While I am holding you, kissing, and giving you all that I have to give you, I say to you “love has brought us together and love will keep us together”.   I say “I love you”, you say you love me, I say “I love you”, you say you love me over and over and over again. And with every word that comes from our mouths, the movement gets more intense, the movement becomes more passionate, the movement speeds up, the movement slows down, the movement becomes just right. You scream out “please don’t stop” and I say to you “I won’t stop, I can’t stop because I want you to feel the pleasure I’m giving you, I want you to enjoy this pleasure I’m giving you because you are my beautiful queen and I love you”. Then the movement picks up right from where it should and you move your body in rhythm with my body then the movement oh the special movement gets faster and faster and faster and faster. And then we both scream out loud at the same time “I LOVE YOU” as we both each that pleasure peak. We look into each others eyes and not saying a word, we both look up to the sky and we notice that it’s still raining. We get our composure  together and we walk hand in hand to the car. I open the passenger side door so that you can get in and I open the driver side door so that I can get in. As I start to drive off, we both notice that it has stop raining and we start to see more people are in the streets now. Doesn’t matter to us, because we’re already checking the weather to find out the next time it’s supposed to rain.

Final Thought: All I can say about the rain is this; I like it, I love it, I want more of it. Thanks for reading…

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Flirting and Cheating

Flirting: When someone will say just about anything to get a rise out of another person; when someone will build your ego up or “stroke their ego” to make you think that they want you and you are the only one they want. Some may call it harmless, but some like I call those who flirt, “attention seekers”. If you’re in a relationship and claim to be in love with the person you’re with, flirt with them. If not, look in the mirror and flirt with your damn self that way it won’t be disrespectful to the other person.

Cheating: When someone is in a relationship, but they choose to see another on the side; when someone will lie to your face and try their hardest to make a jackass out of you. Some may call it not being satisfied and trying to find that one true soul mate. I like others may call it bulls*** and feel different about cheating. The two words are spelled different and have different meanings, but they seem to be one in the same.

Final Thought: These are two words that I can really relate to based on a few past experiences dealing with some relationships. First, let me share a few examples concerning the word “flirting”. Let’s call the first young lady “Y”. “Y” and I knew each other for awhile and we started dating and we were getting real close. One evening we went downtown to the shops and we went into a store to buy something. The salesman asked if we needed help, I said not right now we were just looking.  He asked her how was she doing, she replied “I am doing alright, how are you doing”. Harmless right? Okay I stepped off to another rack of items yet I noticed that she kept looking at this guy smiling. Next thing I noticed that they’re having a conversation and I hear him asking her if I was her man. “Y” said “something like that”. So the salesman being a man, takes it for what its worth and asked her for her phone number and she gave it to him.  I went over to where she was and  she says “sweetie did you find what you were looking for”. I said “no, but I see that you did”. The salesman said “yo I didn’t know she was your girl and she started flirting with me”. “Y” says “I was only making conversation and trying to get you a discount”. I said “oh really okay why don’t you continue to make conversation with him and see if you can get your ass a discount on a ride home from him, cause I’m gone”. I left her dumb ass standing there in the store and I went home. She called me later and said that she was sorry and wanted to talk. I told her no and not to call me again. It should be noted that I had talked to her friend and told her what happened and she called “Y” and went to pick her up. “Y” told her friend she was wrong and her  friend told her that she deserved to get left.

Years later “V” comes into my life and things were going very well between us. Her smile was wonderful and her body was nice and thick (just the way I like them). We were together for awhile and during that time something happened and I told her we needed a break which only lasted a couple of weeks. We talked and decided to work things out and be together. We were invited to a party and she asked me to pick her and a couple of her girlfriends up from her house. When I got there, she stated they weren’t going so it would just be her and I going. Some of my family members were at the party and a few of their friends attended also. My cousins friend started a conversation with her while at the party. Harmless right? Now she’s sitting beside me and he is sitting across from her. He started flirting with her and she is flirting back. I said to him “yo my man, chill out with that and have some respect”. Even my cousin tells his friend to chill out and don’t disrespect me or “V”.  He says “my bad I’m just talking to her”. “V” starts eating cake and some fell on her shirt with cleavage showing, and in her lap. This dude says to her “damn that cake sure looks good”. “V” says to him while I am sitting right beside her “yeah it taste good, come and lick it off”. Dudes tells her to go outside with him. Now not only did I hear her say that, my family members and others heard her say it also. So the laid back person that I am, left and in comes the I am not going to be disrespected person. I’m like “what the F*** did you just say”. My cousin jumps in his boy’s face and dude says “Yo she flirting with me so I jumped at it”. So those two are going at it while  “V” and I are having words. She said that she was only playing and wanted to see if I would say something. Other females stated that she shouldn’t be disrespectful towards me, let alone call herself just playing. The party had to be shut down and we were about to leave. So me being the gentleman that I am, told “V” I would take her home. Of course, she wants to talk a hole in my head and kept saying that she was sorry. I said nothing to her on the way to her house. We get to her house and she wants me to come in and talk to her about what happened. We go inside and then she wants to kiss all on me and tell me that she loves me and she wants to make love to me and she wants me to make love to her. I said “no no hell no”. I told her to go bake a cake and make love to it, and leave me the f***  alone because I’m done. She called me the next day and said that she was drunk and she was sorry. I said “okay whatever, did you bake your cake and eat it too”. She hung up on me and that was the end of that.

With “L” both flirting and cheating took place during our relationship. She was talking to a guy that she claims she went to school with and he was just her buddy. She said that they had lost contact with each other and he reached out to her. Harmless right? I was over her house one evening and she was on the phone with her so called “buddy”. She had her cell phone on speaker and I could their conversation, yet she acted like I wasn’t even there. Dude asked her if he was with her right at that moment, what would happen. She did the fake ass laugh and said “we would talk about old times” He asked her is that all they would do and what could he do to her while she talked. Again the fake ass laugh came and she said “its whatever and you’re being silly, I will call you back my mom is on the other line”. She got off the phone then she wanted to show me some attention. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t. A few days had passed and I made a reservation for us at a nice restaurant. “L” said she had to take her mom to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling good and she wouldn’t be able to go to dinner.  I asked her if she needed me to go with her. Said no because she was at her moms and she was about to take her to the hospital. I said okay I hoped her mom feels better and I told her to call me later. Of course I had to be understanding, so I called and cancelled the reservation. Later that night guess who called me? It was the mother. Her mom wanted to know if “L” and I wanted to come by her house after we left the restaurant for a night cap and make plans to go out of town with her and her husband. I asked her if she was okay and was she resting after leaving the hospital. She said “honey I’m fine and I haven’t been to the hospital”. I told her that “L” said that she couldn’t go out to dinner with me because she had to take her to the hospital. The mom said that she thought that “L” was with me because she said that we were going out to dinner and when she called her, “L” wasn’t answering her phone so she called my phone. She asked me if everything was alright and had I talked to her. I told her I didn’t know what was going on. I called “L” phone several times and she didn’t answer my calls nor did she respond to my text messages. That inner voice told me to go by “L” house to see if she was there, and after knocking on the door several times, she answered. She asked me why was I there and why was I knocking on her door. I asked her if her mom was okay and why didn’t she answer her phone. She said that her mom was fine and resting and they admitted her in the hospital and her phone battery was dead. I called her mom and put her on speaker so she could talk to her. Her mom said “why in the hell did you say that you had to take me to hospital and why aren’t you answering your damn phone, what’s going on”. “L” stated that she would call her back later. I asked “L” what was going on and before she could say anything, her “buddy” came to the door. He said “hey is everything alright and what’s going on and who was I”. I told him I was her boyfriend and I came by to see what was going because she told me she couldn’t go out with me because she had to take her mother to the hospital. The “buddy” asked “L” why didn’t she tell him she had a boyfriend and why would she lie about taking her mother to the hospital”. He also stated that they had been talking and seeing each other for a few months and she never said she had a boyfriend. All “L” could do was stand there with a dumb ass look on her face and say “I think you both need to leave”. I said “damn you and the air you breath with your lying ass”. and I left. “L” called me a few days later and said that she wanted us to sit down and talk. I told her no I couldn’t sit down with her and talk, because just talking to her on the phone for a few minutes, made me sick to my stomach and I had to go to the hospital, then I hung up the phone. I know this is a very long “final thought” but the memories came back and the juices were flowing. Thanks for reading…

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I Miss You

I miss you and this much is true

It seems that my gray skies won’t turn blue

My heart is full of pain and confusion

I think I see you, but wait it’s only an illusion

I sit and wait by the phone

Hoping you call and say baby come over, because I’m all alone

I know that my love for you runs deep

Because I can’t seem to eat or sleep

My family and friends tell me to pick myself up and move on

They say I should accept the fact that you’re gone

We were together for quite a few years

But you sat and watch while I cried so many tears

When we made love it was sweet, passionate and strong

It was love making that took us to places above and beyond

Together forever no matter what, is what you said as you looked into my eyes

Now I sit and think that was a pack of lies

I felt then that I didn’t want anyone else

But now I guess I will just be by myself

I am all alone and I feel like a fool

Damn girl I really and truly miss you

Final Thought: The feeling of missing someone when a relationship ends, can hurt so bad that life has no true meaning. That feeling of emptiness and hurt is a pain that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. In the dictionary the word “missing” has different meanings when used in different ways. In adjective form “lacking, absent, or not found: a missing person”. In idiom (expression) form “go missing, to disappear, become lost”. In verb form (used with a person) “to fail to be present at or for; to notice the absence or loss of; to regret the absence or loss of (example I miss you all dreadfully)”. Now the dictionary and the internet can give you all of those meanings of the word “missing” yet neither one of them can tell your heart what to feel or how to really get over that person that you’re missing. DAMN SHAME!!! Thanks for reading…

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Wanted: A True Woman

This ad is being place in the hopes of finding a true woman. The following duties include, but are not limit to one specific task. You must be willing to show a great amount of affection, as well as willing to receive more in return. You should be trustworthy as well as have trust in the man that you are going to be with. You will be required to explain the true meaning of a loving and caring relationship. You must have knowledge about a man feelings and how to love a man and how not to break his heart. EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!!! The benefits are good, damn good. The benefits are as follows; respect, honesty, loyalty, passion beyond your wildest dreams, and the feeling of being treated like a queen. The pay is worth more than money and gold. The pay is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, PRICELESS LOVE, LOVE THAT WILL STAND THE TEST OF TIME, LOVE THAT IS STRONG AND TRUE, LOVE THAT IS ALWAYS AND FOREVER. FYI…the woman should know that everyday won’t be great and problems may arise. The woman should also know that the man may make mistakes in the relationship along the way and he may need guidance when it comes to love. The woman should be willing to chose whether or not to accept the man for any faults that he may have and hope that he corrects them or encourage the man to change them before she leaves the man alone. If the man for any reason doesn’t treat the woman right or if the man hurts the woman’s heart and doesn’t show any type of compassion, the contract will be null and void. No need for fake ass woman to apply…

Final Thought: I wonder how many women would answer this ad if it was a actual job placed in the classified section of a local newspaper. Would they be willing to be with a man placing an ad for a true woman? And what is the definition for a true woman? There a lot of people who may have different meanings of a true woman and there may be a lot of woman who claim to be a true woman. I believe it’s up to the man to be true to himself first, then set out to find the true woman that he wants to be with. And yes I know every man is not perfect and true, but every woman is not perfect and true either. It just goes to show you that we’re only human. Thanks for reading…

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