The Main Event (Black Man vs Society)

Now this fight is different from the first. As a black man I seem to have had a few strikes against me as far as society is concern. Society said growing up I would be ” young dumb and full of cum”. Society said that I would drop out of high school and that I would never amount to anything. Society also said that I am on the road to failure and that I will/would have a lot of  kids and I will/would not take good care of them. Society says that selling drugs will be my only means of making a decent living in this world and the only way to provide for my children. Society said that my voice would not be heard. Now I am not a hateful person and I have been raised to ignore stupidity so let me say this from my heart. Hey society F**K YOU,  because I am making it and I am going to make it regardless of what you say or what you may think. Winner and always champion of the world, me THE BLACK MAN!!!

Final Thought: I try to do one post a day, but I just had to add this one today also. As I have stated before, a lot of my writing/post are based on past experiences. I was sitting and thinking (I am always thinking) about how someone who is apart of society, put my ethic background and me being man in a negative light. This person said all of these negative things towards me and had the nerve to say that they were speaking for the society. This is not about me being mad or hateful towards society as a hole. If you really think about it,  title speaks for itself.  The Main Event (Black Man) which is me; versus (Society) which is the ass wipe who said those things to me. Thanks for reading …..

Spread the word and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/7-31-14) 


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