I Am My Worse Enemy (Me vs Me)

This fight is a ongoing fight within myself that hurts mentally and emotionally. The lefts, the rights and the uppercuts just keep coming and coming hard. There are knock downs and knockouts during the fight. So I fall down, I get up and sometimes I just want to give up and quit. But then I hear a voice that gives me a glimmer of  hope and that is the voice of  “GOD”.  His voice tells me that everything will be cool and to follow his instructions. He tells me to move to the left and then to the right, he tells me to dodge and to stay in the fight. If I get knocked down, he tells me to get up and stand tall. Will I win?? To be continued……

Final Thought: My fight within myself has hindered me in everyday life at times. There are times when I can get so down on myself, that I don’t want to do anything. I have taught myself to say “damn that I have got to remain strong”. It’s hard at times, but I will keep up the good fight. Thanks for reading my post.

Spread the word and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/7-31-14)


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