An Awkward Phone Conversation

“Hello? Yes this is Mike speaking. Who is this? Who?? Oh. So what’s up? I am doing ok and how are you doing? No, nothings up with me and there is nothing going on over here. Why do I sound like what? Well I am just being me that’s all. Can I ask you a question? Why are you calling me? Well it’s nice to know that you are thinking of me. But aren’t you the one who said that you needed time and space to yourself? I am not being mean or rude, but if you need time and space to yourself, then you should not be calling me. You know I miss you and truly love you, but I don’t want to read too much into this conversation or the fact that you were thinking of me. I feel like you are getting my hopes up for a huge let down whether you mean to or not. As I stated in a previous conversation before this one (where you let me do all of the talking and you responded with short answers), I laid everything on the table. I told you about my eternal love for you, my feelings and how I would be there for you and help you regardless of our situation. Now when you figure out what you want and realize how strong my love is for you and when we can be together as one, then call me. Until then…GOOD BYE!!!”

Final Thought: This was an actual phone conversation that I had with a female that I was seeing/dating/involved with,etc.. at one point in my life. Even though it was some time ago, I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. It amazes me how a phone conversation can make one look within themselves and ask certain questions. “Do I want to wait on this person, do I really need this person, do I need to focus on me?” It was all talk and no action, so I moved on….thanks for reading

Spread The Word and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/7-30-14)


5 thoughts on “An Awkward Phone Conversation

  1. I liked this because I’m proud of you for moving on. There are way to many people out there to stay and be miserable with the one you’re with now.


  2. Wow. I stand corrected THIS is my favorite. It is something I went through several years ago and I couldn’t muster up the courage to say what you said. I wasted years of back and forth. I could have saved myself so much heartache had I would have said everything YOU said on that phone call. Very proud of you. Thank you for sharing!!!!


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