A Woman, A Lover, A Friend

A woman: Someone that is strong minded and knows what she wants out of life and from her man; a female that is not into playing games with a man’s heart or mind.

A lover:  A female that a man wants to make sweet and passionate love to all night long; a female that a man would love, honor, and respect forever; a female that a man wants and needs in his life.

A friend: someone that is there to listen to a man’s problems; a person that will talk to a man once in awhile; a person that a man may see in passing.

Now a man meets the first, falls in love with the second, and if the relationship ends for whatever reason, may wind up with the third……..DAMN!!!!

Final Thought: Speaking for myself, I would want a female to have all three qualities at the same time. I wouldn’t want 1 out 3 or 2 out 3, that just wouldn’t do. But there were times when I had those odds and didn’t realize it or I was to damn lazy to pay attention to what was going on. Again thanks to anyone/everyone who read my post. Look for many to come, and remember anything that I post is based on past experiences and random thoughts (past experiences>random thoughts). Thanks for reading…

SPREAD THE WORD and follow me… (M.Bowlding/copyright/7-29-14)


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