The Main Event (Black Man vs Society)

Now this fight is different from the first. As a black man I seem to have had a few strikes against me as far as society is concern. Society said growing up I would be ” young dumb and full of cum”. Society said that I would drop out of high school and that I would never amount to anything. Society also said that I am on the road to failure and that I will/would have a lot of  kids and I will/would not take good care of them. Society says that selling drugs will be my only means of making a decent living in this world and the only way to provide for my children. Society said that my voice would not be heard. Now I am not a hateful person and I have been raised to ignore stupidity so let me say this from my heart. Hey society F**K YOU,  because I am making it and I am going to make it regardless of what you say or what you may think. Winner and always champion of the world, me THE BLACK MAN!!!

Final Thought: I try to do one post a day, but I just had to add this one today also. As I have stated before, a lot of my writing/post are based on past experiences. I was sitting and thinking (I am always thinking) about how someone who is apart of society, put my ethic background and me being man in a negative light. This person said all of these negative things towards me and had the nerve to say that they were speaking for the society. This is not about me being mad or hateful towards society as a hole. If you really think about it,  title speaks for itself.  The Main Event (Black Man) which is me; versus (Society) which is the ass wipe who said those things to me. Thanks for reading …..

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I Am My Worse Enemy (Me vs Me)

This fight is a ongoing fight within myself that hurts mentally and emotionally. The lefts, the rights and the uppercuts just keep coming and coming hard. There are knock downs and knockouts during the fight. So I fall down, I get up and sometimes I just want to give up and quit. But then I hear a voice that gives me a glimmer of  hope and that is the voice of  “GOD”.  His voice tells me that everything will be cool and to follow his instructions. He tells me to move to the left and then to the right, he tells me to dodge and to stay in the fight. If I get knocked down, he tells me to get up and stand tall. Will I win?? To be continued……

Final Thought: My fight within myself has hindered me in everyday life at times. There are times when I can get so down on myself, that I don’t want to do anything. I have taught myself to say “damn that I have got to remain strong”. It’s hard at times, but I will keep up the good fight. Thanks for reading my post.

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An Awkward Phone Conversation

“Hello? Yes this is Mike speaking. Who is this? Who?? Oh. So what’s up? I am doing ok and how are you doing? No, nothings up with me and there is nothing going on over here. Why do I sound like what? Well I am just being me that’s all. Can I ask you a question? Why are you calling me? Well it’s nice to know that you are thinking of me. But aren’t you the one who said that you needed time and space to yourself? I am not being mean or rude, but if you need time and space to yourself, then you should not be calling me. You know I miss you and truly love you, but I don’t want to read too much into this conversation or the fact that you were thinking of me. I feel like you are getting my hopes up for a huge let down whether you mean to or not. As I stated in a previous conversation before this one (where you let me do all of the talking and you responded with short answers), I laid everything on the table. I told you about my eternal love for you, my feelings and how I would be there for you and help you regardless of our situation. Now when you figure out what you want and realize how strong my love is for you and when we can be together as one, then call me. Until then…GOOD BYE!!!”

Final Thought: This was an actual phone conversation that I had with a female that I was seeing/dating/involved with,etc.. at one point in my life. Even though it was some time ago, I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. It amazes me how a phone conversation can make one look within themselves and ask certain questions. “Do I want to wait on this person, do I really need this person, do I need to focus on me?” It was all talk and no action, so I moved on….thanks for reading

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A Woman, A Lover, A Friend

A woman: Someone that is strong minded and knows what she wants out of life and from her man; a female that is not into playing games with a man’s heart or mind.

A lover:  A female that a man wants to make sweet and passionate love to all night long; a female that a man would love, honor, and respect forever; a female that a man wants and needs in his life.

A friend: someone that is there to listen to a man’s problems; a person that will talk to a man once in awhile; a person that a man may see in passing.

Now a man meets the first, falls in love with the second, and if the relationship ends for whatever reason, may wind up with the third……..DAMN!!!!

Final Thought: Speaking for myself, I would want a female to have all three qualities at the same time. I wouldn’t want 1 out 3 or 2 out 3, that just wouldn’t do. But there were times when I had those odds and didn’t realize it or I was to damn lazy to pay attention to what was going on. Again thanks to anyone/everyone who read my post. Look for many to come, and remember anything that I post is based on past experiences and random thoughts (past experiences>random thoughts). Thanks for reading…

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Forgive and Forget

There are times when some people will not let the past stay in the past. They may say “I forgive you, but I won’t forget”. If they can find the time to forgive you, then that should be the end of it. But nooo, they want to keep b**chin about the same old stuff. No matter how many times you say “I am sorry” or “I apologize for whatever I did” some people want to keep throwing things in your face. We all make mistakes in life and sometimes we deserve more than one or two chances to make things right. The past is the past, live in the present and prepare for the future.

FINAL THOUGHT : First I would like to thank anyone/everyone that read my post. This is my first time putting my writings into the form of a blog. All of my writing comes from past experiences, random thoughts and different opinions. I do not intend to offend anyone and I do not claim to be a expert on love, relationships, life, etc… Thanks for reading…

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